Network Infrastructure

We build secure networks, upgrade servers, utilize cutting edge virtualizations, install VoIP phone systems, and recover damaged or lost data. SC Technology Solutions ensures your business continuity with the most up to date infrastructure tailored to your business needs.

Datacenter & Cloud

With remote monitoring you can be sure your data is secure. SC Technology Solutions ensures you’re utilizing the proper Datacenter on site and Cloud services for your business. Streamlining backups and Cloud storage will keep the most vital information available when you need it.

Wireless & Mobility

From wireless campus installation to mobile device management, including privacy and security while expanding into the “Mobile First” mentality, SC Technology Solutions will customize your network for a business designed around mobility. Stay functioning without the tether to an office.

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The rate of technological advancement is pushing businesses to adapt to incoming industry technologies, wearables, and personal phones and computers faster than ever before. It’s difficult to ensure your infrastructure security, reliability, and speed when expanding into the wireless, mobile, and IoT networks in and out of your office. Work with the premier IT Solutions team and your business will benefit from modern tools made for your business. Get in touch with us today and we’ll tailor a network model for your business to help increase productivity and security.

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