A Strong Network Depends on a Reliable Infrastructure

When you feel like your systems are running slow, lagging behind the technology curve, or reaching capacity, it’s time to upgrade and expand your systems. SC Technology Solutions’ certified and experienced engineers work closely with your business to build a customized infrastructure with wireless capabilities and Cloud incorporation.

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Make sure your network infrastructure is up to date, secure, reliable, and providing all the services needed for your clients and employees. Treating your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as a vital component of your business can help reduce costs, increase fluidity of data and communication, and tighten security. SC Technology Solutions will customize your network to focus on:

  • Reducing Operational Efforts and Costs
  • Bridging Old and New Technology
  • Cloud Integration
  • Optimization of Apps and Service Levels
  • Updating Hardware & Software

Server Upgrades & Virtualization

Contemporary servers are delivering extremely high performance, reliability, security, and scalability. Is your system up to date and working for you? Updating your server or expanding your legacy infrastructure with modern hardware and software will keep you ahead of the game. With traditional and hybrid IT solutions, SC Technology Solutions will get your business functioning with the highest performing tech on the market.

Unified Communications

The internet and availability of a connection worldwide has transitioned the meeting space from face-to-face into a virtual world of social media, chat, email, and instant messaging. Older systems utilize outdated telephony, which inhibits the flexibility of a business to communicate effectively. Our experienced team can ensure your communication avenues are saving you money, helping to improve productivity, and ultimately growing your business. Whether replacing existing hardware or implementing a new VoIP system, SC Technology Solutions is ready to set up your communications to be the most efficient system in the market.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Don’t let disaster halt your business in its tracks. With around the clock remote monitoring, downtime will be minimized when working with the SC Technology Solutions team. We know time is money, data is gold, and your employee and customer experiences with technology are major focuses. If your infrastructure goes down or is attacked, you’ll have the best team on your side to mend the damage done while re-securing your systems against future incidents or vulnerabilities.

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